Brazed Cutter

About Customized Brazed Cutter

We have complete design to deal with different wood and shape. Our brazed profiling cutters’ knives are made by tungsten carbide that can lastingly process hard wood even man-made material like plywood, MDF. The angle of knife is absolute important for cutting wood. Each wood property has fit cutting angle that can avoid tear-out problem. The right quantity of wing can enhance the efficiency and get more beautiful surface.

About inquiring and ordering

We welcome inquire. Before inquire, please prepare the exact information below, and E-mail the information to us.


1. Your machine type like 4-side Moulder, Planer, Spindle Shaper etc.

2. The diameter and bottom diameter at knives of Cutter.

3. The bore size.

4. The cutter rotation direction and speed.

5. If you would like to order brazed cutters for a four-side-moulder, please inform us that the cutter head is used at the up or down side.

6. The material you are going to cut, softwood or hardwood.

7. Straight grain or cross grain.

8. The specific profiling you demand (CAD drawing or send a sample to us).