Brazed Cutter

Custom-Made Brazed Cutterhead

◉ Customized for your need.
◉ Used for 4 Side Moulder, Spindle Shaper, Copy Shaper, Tenoner woodworking machine.
◉ For any kind of process in furniture industry, plastic cutting etc.
◉ TCT Knives.
◉ High quality and High precision.

TCT Brazed Planing Cutter (steel)

◉ Used for 4 Side Moulder, Spindle Shaper & Copy Shaper.
◉ For finish cutting.
◉ Can customize shear angle & dual shear angle.
◉ TCT Knives.
◉ High quality.

TCT Brazed Finger Joint Cutters

◉ To make finger joints for wooden panels and frame structure for furniture industry.
◉ Used for 4 Side Moulder and Spindle Shaper.
◉ TCT knives.
◉ High quality.

TCT Brazed Floorboard Cutterhead (tongue & groove)

◉ Can do tongue & groove for floorboard.
◉ TCT Knives.
◉ Used for 4-Side Moulder and Double End Tenoner.
◉ The length of tongue & groove is adjustable.
◉ High quality.

Brazed Cutter for Rod & Dowel

◉ Used for 4 Side Moulder & Round Rod Milling Machine.
◉ For simultaneously manufacture several rods & Dowels.
◉ TCT Knives.
◉ High quality.

Brazed Cutterhead Set for Window and Door

◉ To make Raised PanelRails, Stiles & Mullions.
◉ Used for special purpose machine.
◉ TCT knives.
◉ High quality.

Brazed Reference Engraver

◉ Used for 4 Side Moulder.
◉ Combining with a rough cutterhead that assembled at the first bottom spindle to plane wood.
◉ TCT Knife.

TCT Multi-Point-Cut Brazed Cutter

◉ Used for 4 Side Moulder & Spindle Shaper.
◉ For rough cutting.
◉ TCT Knives.

We recommend buy the Insert Knife Spiral Cutterhead to replace the Multi-Point-Cut Brazed Planing Cutter but we still accept customizing for those customers who need the cutter.